Cloud Infrastructure

  • Quickly test the environments and develop the applications
  • Overcoming the traditional hosting with modernized web hosting
  • Infrastructure to support all the services and resources
  • It helps to solve complex problems with high-performance computing
  • Managing the infrastructure while developing the applications is eliminated with serverless computing
  • Developing applications are made faster and the cloud service provider automates the management of infrastructure required to run the code
  • Serverless computing still has servers to run the code, but developers need not worry about managing the operations of infrastructure
  • This increases productivity on business logic and delivering more value to the firm
  • Developing and deploying applications for multiple platforms
  • Development teams can work together globally
  • PaaS can take care of the new skills without adding extra staff
  • SaaS is a service delivered over the Internet by a vendor, called as a hosted application
  • The application does not have to be purchased, installed, or run on users’ computers
  • SaaS providers were previously referred to as ASPs
  • Mobilising the services and applications over the internet
  • By storing data in the cloud, one can access the data from any computer or device


Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) work hand in hand to safeguard your technology infrastructure. Our NOC team is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the overall network infrastructure, with the primary goal of ensuring uninterrupted network operations.

Our SOC focuses on incidents and alerts that affect the security of information assets and responds to cybersecurity incidents by using cutting-edge tools, processes, and procedures.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

In large corporate IT environments obtaining the control and overview of thousands of internal or external users, with access to a multitude of systems and applications, is not a simple task. Surveys show that up to 90% of users have unauthorized access to confidential business data. As such, employees are considered the most likely source of corporate security breaches – whether they happen deliberately or unintentionally.

Security Challenges