Product Overview

APSOFT’s Hospital Management System is an advanced, flexible and comprehensive solution that automates all the aspects of hospital management and operation. From managing patients, medicine and medical reports to invoice management; monitor the whole hospital efficiently with our Management System.

Multi User Support

Separate user access available for Nurse, Receptionist, Patient, Doctor, Accountant, Laboratorist, Pharmacist and Admins.

Apply For Appointments

Patients can apply for an appointment with the Doctors. Once the appointment is approved, the patients will be notified with an SMS.


Monitor the hospital’s activities on the System. Admins can also create and have control over all the other user accounts.


  • Multi-user & Multi-language Support
    Accessible by 8 types of user accounts & supports 21 languages.
  • Complete User account management
    Admins can create and control all 7 user accounts.
  • Monitor hospital activities
    Admin can monitor and manage all the activities of the hospital.
  • Noticeboard, Appointment management & schedule
    Doctors can create, manage and view all the appointments and notices.
  • Profile system
    Profile settings can be edited at any time.
  • SMS Notification
    After the appointment gets approved, patients will get notified via SMS.
  • Prescription and diagnosis
    Doctors can provide diagnosis and prescription to their patients.
  • Medical reports management with high security standards
    From birth, death and operation reports, manage all medical reports.
  • Medication history
    Complete medication history of the patients.
  • Bed allotment, medicine & blood bank management
    Manage beds/wards, medicine supply and blood bank efficiently.
  • Invoice management
    Accountant can easily manage all invoice and payment information.
  • Internal messaging
    Doctors and patients can communicate through private messaging.

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