Product Overview

This web-based application allows admission offices of various sectors such as Schools, Hospitals and Offices to opt for a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to their entire process. Also, with Paperless Admission, offices can go eco-friendly, streamline their workflow and deliver high customer experience every time.

Feature Rich Application

The web application is designed with all the features required to manage hospitals, offices and schools efficiently. Noticeboard, personal messaging, compilation of customer details and access to real-time reports are just some of the amazing features of this application.

Responsive & User Friendly

Designed to provide excellent customer experience, the web application is easily accessible and is simple and intuitive on navigation. With its responsive web design, the application can be used at any time, from any device.


  • Proper Documentation & Reduce Processing Time
    Save up on processing time & Stay organized.
  • User-friendly web-based application
    Intuitive UI design provides easy navigability & requires no technical knowledge.
  • Improved Communication
    Engage with your staff & your customers via private messaging.
  • Stay Up-to-date with Technology
    Keep up with global level standards with our advanced system.
  • Deliver consistent & high customer experience
    Through streamlined workflow, ensure faster and consistent customer service.
  • Eco-friendly
    Get rid of managing the messy piles of admission paper & Go Green

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