Product Overview

Modernize your entire events processes with our Engage Events Platform. Our platform is built with the best technologies and a user-friendly interface, helping you make your events, conference and training more interactive and successful. With our advanced events platform, gain real-time sights, improve collaboration and communication before, during and after the event.

Collaborate Easily & Stay Organized

Event organizers, team members and clients, can all work together from anywhere, with our collaboration tools. Features like Surveys, My Notes and Noticeboards lets you plan and organize even the most complex events effortlessly.

Great UI & Responsive Design

The responsive design can be accessed from any Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop and from anywhere in the world. The excellent user interface seamlessly integrates all the features and makes it easy to use, even for a non-technical user.


  • Simplify Planning Process
    Proper documentation of the entire process.
  • Event Registration
    Easy-to-use & easy-to-manage online registration for every event.
  • Gain valuable insights
    Gain real-time insights before, during & after the event.
  • Measure ROI
    Measure ROI rapidly & Make decisions efficiently.
  • Proper post-event evaluation
    Robust reporting & evaluating to help deduce the result of the event.
  • Stay connected & Strengthen communication
    Communicate & Stay connected with your fellow members at all times.

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