Sep 19 2015

Connecting ERP with Magento

Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms to carry out sale processes. But, in a business, there are also other functions involved for operating a smooth business and providing excellent customer experience.
The present market scenario involves different channels, multiple locations and wider customer reach, resulting in complex processes. And that’s where ERP comes in. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the solution to effectively manage your operations and streamline your business.
If you’re operating your web store and ERP separately or relying upon manual storage, you are missing out a crucial opportunity to improve the growth your business.
Integrating Magento with your ERP is a great investment towards operating your business at a better rate. This blog covers why it is crucial to integrate the two systems and the options available for Magento ERP Integration.

Why Integrate Magento with your ERP?

Magento Integration with your ERP helps you to streamline your back-end to your front-end. Instead of manual, inconsistent entries of orders, customer details and stock, all transactions will be automated.
Magento ERP Integration allows you to focus your time and efforts on other activities, say providing customer satisfaction. You can gain your customers’ trust through smooth order processing and fast delivery. With better customer experience, your customers are bound to visit your site again.

Some of the popular ERP software are:

Microsoft Dynamics

magento_ microsoft_dynamcis1

The robust product for ERP from Microsoft is called Microsoft Dynamics. The system provides ERP solutions to small, medium and large-scale businesses. When it comes to Magento Microsoft Dynamics connectors, you will find number of extensions on Magento connect. The extension may seem expensive. Custom Magento Microsoft Dynamics integration is recommended as you can work according to your needs.



NetSuite is a popular ERP option for many small, medium or large-scale wholesale and retailers in the US. Similar to Microsoft Dynamics, Magento NetSuite Connectors are available on Magento Connect. Magento NetSuite integration through customization can help in building an integrated system suitable for your business environment.



Oracle offers a complete suite of products for their ERP solution and is a popular choice in the manufacturing industry. They make for good B2B Magento ERP Integration. There are no Magento Oracle connector extensions found on the Magento connect. So, you might have to settle for custom Magento Oracle integration.

Options available for Magento Integration

Point-to-point Magento connectors

This serves best for small-scale businesses that are not planning for any rapid expansion in the future. It is also the most affordable. In this approach, Magento and your system are “pointed” towards each other to synchronize the data, without any central platform. The biggest limitation of this approach is that you won’t be able to add more channels in case of added requirements.

Custom Magento Integration

Custom integration is best for businesses that have the right resources and requirements justifying this approach. This is expensive and rather complex. The integration works with the APIs of both Magento and your system.

Multichannel Magento Integration

The multichannel integration takes place through a central hub between your web store and ERP or CRM system. It is more flexible as you can add or remove channels easily. You can customize the integration based on your specific needs, unlike point-to-point, but is more affordable than custom integration.
APSOFT Technologies is an Enterprise solution provider and we specialize in Magento ERP Integration, Magento CRM Integration, Magento NetSuite Integration, Magento Oracle Integration and Magento Microsoft Dynamics Integration. To streamline your business processes through Magento Integration, do get in touch with us.

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